Chile Earthquake

 A mighty 8.2-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of northern Chile late Tuesday, triggering small landslides, cutting power and generating a tsunami. Four men and one woman died — two who suffered heart attacks and three who were crushed, said Interior Minister Rodrigo Penailillo. About 300 prisoners escaped from the northern port city of Iquique in the immediateContinue reading “Chile Earthquake”

Mudslide 28 dead Darrington,Wa

28 dead so far in the Darrington,Washington mudslide. A statement issued by the coroner’s office also said the remains of 22 victims have now been positively identified, up from 19 earlier in the day. The number of people still listed as missing was put at 22 on Monday. Rescue teams pressed on for an 11thContinue reading “Mudslide 28 dead Darrington,Wa”

Inmate served 60 years of a life prison…

Inmate served 60 years of a life prison sentence is dead. The death of an inmate serving a life sentence at Westmorland Institution for sex offences will be reviewed, says the Correctional Service of Canada. Garnet Gogan, 81, died at a Moncton hospital on Thursday, according to a statement. He had been serving a lifeContinue reading “Inmate served 60 years of a life prison…”

German customs officials have intercepted a package addressed…

German customs officials have intercepted a package addressed to the Vatican containing 14 condoms filled with cocaine. A government spokesman said a box packed with 340 grams of the drug, valued at €40,000 (£33,470), was seized in January at the international airport in the eastern city of Leipzig. The cocaine, posted from an unnamed SouthContinue reading “German customs officials have intercepted a package addressed…”

At least eight people have been killed by…

At least eight people have been killed by a huge landslide in the north-western US state of Washington. Rescuers pulled five bodies from the debris on Sunday, adding to three found on Saturday. Officials say there are still a number of people registered as missing, but search teams said they had not seen or heardContinue reading “At least eight people have been killed by…”

The repeated lyric If I gave you…

The repeated lyric “If I gave you diamonds and pearls, would you be a happy boy or a girl?” echoes the lyrics by pop star Prince. Well, some people would choose to have diamonds that are made ot of the remains of their dead love one. Yes, the Swiss company Algordanza taks the cremated humanContinue reading “The repeated lyric If I gave you…”

LOS ANGELES – Chris Brown will spend another…

LOS ANGELES – Chris Brown will spend another month in jail after a judge said Monday he was told the singer made troubling comments in rehab about being good at using guns and knives. Brown, 24, was arrested on Friday after he was dismissed from a Malibu facility where he was receiving treatment for angerContinue reading “LOS ANGELES – Chris Brown will spend another…”

L’ Wren Scott the glamorous fashion designer and…

L’ Wren Scott, the glamorous fashion designer and longtime lover of Mick Jagger, was nearly $6 million in debt when she hanged herself Monday in her ritzy Manhattan apartment. Scott’s business had been taking on water for some time, and last month she suddenly pulled out of London’s Fashion Week show, blaming “production reasons,” recordsContinue reading “L’ Wren Scott the glamorous fashion designer and…”

Teenager bites off infant’s nose

(AP)- A teenage father in Northern California is under arrest after police say he bit the nose off his 1-month-old son because he was frustrated with the infant’s crying. Joshua Cooper, 18, was being held Friday in the Solano County Jail on suspicion of child cruelty and aggravated mayhem, Fairfield police said in a newsContinue reading “Teenager bites off infant’s nose”

Larry Scott died at 75 wow As a…

Larry Scott, died at 75; wow. As a young teenager in the 80’s, I always wanted to keep my body right and fit for sports. My arms had to resemble those of Larry Scott. Larry Scott did so many preacher curls that the exercise work was then called the “Scott Curls”. At the age ofContinue reading “Larry Scott died at 75 wow As a…”

Michael Dunn is a cold blooded killer

Michael Dunn, gestures on the stand in his own defense during his trial in Jacksonville, Fla., Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014. Dunn is charged with fatally shooting 17-year-old Jordan Davis after an argument over loud music outside a Jacksonville, Fla. convenient story in 2012 After Dunn murdered Jordan Davis, he went to his motel room andContinue reading “Michael Dunn is a cold blooded killer”

Mother sells infant girl for sex to man

Natisha Hillard really needed some money. So, what does see do? Natisha decided to prostitute her 18 month old daughter to Christopher Bour for sex. Christopher is a 40 year old pervert that should be punished with pain.Christopher is charged with buying a child to produce child pornography,producing child pornography and depicting a child underContinue reading “Mother sells infant girl for sex to man”

Rapper Rick Ross;New gangster house

Big and pretty fat, American rapper Rick Ross, has purchased the biggest house in the state of Georgia. The home is outside of Atlanta Georgia. Not far from the former home of Big Meech, member of the Black Mafia Family (BMF), now serving time in prison. Rick Ross handed $8.5 millions to Evander Holyfield’s people,Continue reading “Rapper Rick Ross;New gangster house”

Oscar host Ellen, No meat

The biggest award show in the world is the Oscar Awards. The 86th award ceremony hosted by Ellen DeGeneres is a vegan.  Portia  DeGeneres, the wife of Ellen DeGeneres were married with no meat. They are lesbians , meaning they do not like the flesh of men as sexual partners. As vegans, they do notContinue reading “Oscar host Ellen, No meat”

Drug Cartel Leader, body stolen!

Mexican authorities are seeking to exhume the remains of a drug lord’s parents to obtain DNA and convince the public that he is dead. Officials said Heriberto Lazcano, founder of the Los Zetas gang, was killed in a shootout with marines earlier this month. However, within hours his body was stolen from a funeral parlour.Continue reading “Drug Cartel Leader, body stolen!”