Charles Mansion is getting married, why not?

The convicted killer Charles Mansion, age 80 will marry his 26 year old girlfriend Afton Burton (aka Star). At least this killer is in prison. How about the killers that are roaming our streets free, just because they are part of some branch of law enforcement. Like the police that shoot and kill innocent people.Continue reading “Charles Mansion is getting married, why not?”

Michael Dunn is a cold blooded killer

Michael Dunn, gestures on the stand in his own defense during his trial in Jacksonville, Fla., Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014. Dunn is charged with fatally shooting 17-year-old Jordan Davis after an argument over loud music outside a Jacksonville, Fla. convenient story in 2012 After Dunn murdered Jordan Davis, he went to his motel room andContinue reading “Michael Dunn is a cold blooded killer”

james Holmes Colorado Killer-“is cute”

  There’s a condition called Hybristophilia , where people  particularly women, become aroused or attracted to men who have committed gruesome crimes. It’s also called the “Bonnie and Clyde syndrome,” and it’s deeper than a woman simply being attracted to the bad boy image.

James Bugler’s Killer, denied parole

Jon Venable age 10 i Venable killed 2 year old James Bugler UK NEWS > Mum’s relief as Bulger killer is denied parole UK NEWS MUM’S RELIEF AS BULGER KILLER IS DENIED PAROLE Story Image Jon Venables aged 10 in a photo taken after his arrest for the murder of James Bulger Tuesday June 28,2011Continue reading “James Bugler’s Killer, denied parole”