4 ideas to Keep You Safe

Safety is always the most important thing in the world to have. These are just four things to do and you will improve in keeping yourself safe from harm: 1. Don’t talk too much around the wrong people. 2. Keep decent company, while associating with law biding, productive people. 3. Don’t waste your time gossipingContinue reading “4 ideas to Keep You Safe”

Puppy I love

I do love you, and I hope some one will take care of you. I hope you get fed good food to eat. I wonder, what is the best homemade food for a puppy? Related articles Puppy Love (barefootisbeautifullp.wordpress.com) Future Puppy (pomegranatehues.wordpress.com)

My best friend; my dog name Organize

This is my dog . His name is Organize. I take him for walks at night. But not until I feed him peanut butter with his dog food from Pet Mart. I’m thinking about having his tail docked. Organize is part German Shephard/ American  Rottweiler I wonder??? Should I get it done for him.