German customs officials have intercepted a package addressed…

German customs officials have intercepted a package addressed to the Vatican containing 14 condoms filled with cocaine. A government spokesman said a box packed with 340 grams of the drug, valued at €40,000 (£33,470), was seized in January at the international airport in the eastern city of Leipzig. The cocaine, posted from an unnamed SouthContinue reading “German customs officials have intercepted a package addressed…”

Godmother of Cocaine shot dead

A 69-year-old woman known throughout the drug world as the “Godmother of Cocaine” was gunned down by an assassin on a motorcycle in Colombia Monday, according to international news reports. Griselda Blanco, once listed alongside Pablo Escobar as one of the “most notorious drug lords of the 1980s” by the Drug Enforcement Administration, was fatally shot as she left aContinue reading “Godmother of Cocaine shot dead”

Bobby Kristina Brown, caught sniffing cocaine?

First…know that last week when pictures of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter Bobbi Kristina snorting cocaine showed up in The National Enquirer, Bobbi Kris said it was a set up, made to look like something it wasn’t. Well another picture has surfaced making it look like exactly what it was. And then… Maybe thisContinue reading “Bobby Kristina Brown, caught sniffing cocaine?”

Age 62 Fire fighter arrested, selling cocaine

  I wonder, are times that bad when the firemen resort to making drug sells at work? February 17, 2009     BY FRAN SPIELMAN AND ANNIE SWEENEY Staff Reporters A 62-year-old Chicago firefighter has been charged with selling cocaine to a worker in the Department of Water Management, which was at the center ofContinue reading “Age 62 Fire fighter arrested, selling cocaine”