Lauren Hill terminal ill Basketball player scored winning shot!!

Lauren Hill has a rare incurable cancer in her brain. She’s also a Mount St. Joseph college freshman and played in her first game on Sunday. Lauren not only scored the first basket, but she also made the winning shot. Lauren went to her left in the paint, to take a smooth left handed layup.Continue reading “Lauren Hill terminal ill Basketball player scored winning shot!!”

Anti-Cancer Superfoods

The short answer to this question is — drum roll, please — yes. They really do. While studies are ongoing, and in many cases experts still don’t know exactly how these superfoods work, there’s strong evidence that certain fruits and vegetables rich in plant-based nutrients can both prevent tumors from starting and halt their growth.Continue reading “Anti-Cancer Superfoods”

Hopkins Doctors Gives Woman New Ear

COURTESY OF JOHN HOPKINS Sherrie Walter gets a new ear regrown at John Hopkins. Sherrie Wilson had something growing on her wrist — a new left ear. Surgeons from John Hopkins University grew the ear on the cancer survivor’s forearm with cartilage from her rib cage in what’s been described as the most intricate ear reconstructionContinue reading “Hopkins Doctors Gives Woman New Ear”