Ray Rice, the football player made two mistakes

  The football player Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens made one mistake after the other. This is the teachable moment: Ray Rice’s first simple mistake was to stick out his short arm, striking Janay Palmer (his then fiancee). The second thing Ray did wrong: Ray let her stay on the floor without helping the womanContinue reading “Ray Rice, the football player made two mistakes”

I Love My Pet King snake

Shakespeare It’s funny how much I like animals. Even my pet King snake Shakespeare. I rescused him from the hungry eyes of a falcon in the summer of 2007. I think it was in July. Some of my friends think that I am crazy for having a big King snake, but what is the differenceContinue reading “I Love My Pet King snake”

Puppies and inmates

Inmates are in Fishkill Correctional Facility,NY. The dogs sleep with the inmates, in the cell in a crate. A program that helps both prison inmates and returning military vets, Puppies Behind Bars is a not for profit organization that trains prison inmates to raise service dogs. One program within the “Puppies Behind Bars” organization isContinue reading “Puppies and inmates”