Today is Worth Living

Today is here, so make it worth living. Don’t do anything foolish that you can not undo tomorrow. If you have to pray to God and go apologize for making that foolish mistake. Don’t wait too long, tomorrow is almost here. Today is here, do something productive.

Don’t ever think about committing suicide. Your tomorrow is valuable.

5 ways to find joy in life

In life every normal person wants to be happy and find joy while living.

These are 5 of the ways that have worked for me :

  1. Avoid criminal activity and people who commit crimes.
  2. Associate with people that trying to be spiritually mature.
  3. Live within your means, whiling loving the work that you do. If you don’t love it don’t do it.
  4. Find something to do for other people that will cost them no money. Give of yourself or time.
  5. Learn to laugh every 60 minutes, even if it’s at yourself.

How to gain true friends?

We meet people all of the time, in stores, at work, at the gym, the kingdom hall or church and in every day travels. We would like some of these people to like us. Know that some people will like you and some people are so hateful because their lives are not going the right way, they are just bitter so they are mad a little of everybody they meet. Don’t worry about them.

People like to know that other people care about them. If you want to gain a true friend true to just listen to their story. Just shut your mouth and pay attention to the things on their mind. Most people will like you when you let them talk about themselves. Show them some love by letting that strange person be the star in their own television show and they will like you much more.

Media Eat Out

This is food for the mind and food for the body. 🙂

4 ideas to Keep You Safe

Safety is always the most important thing in the world to have.

These are just four things to do and you will improve in keeping yourself safe from harm:

1. Don’t talk too much around the wrong people.

2. Keep decent company, while associating with law biding, productive people.

3. Don’t waste your time gossiping about people. Instead talk about ideas.

4. Always have a dog as a pet. Because a dog can be a companion and your eyes. Plus, they will discourage the crooks in your midst.

I Love My Pet King snake

King Snake with his lunch


It’s funny how much I like animals. Even my pet King snake Shakespeare. I rescused him from the hungry eyes of a falcon in the summer of 2007. I think it was in July.

Some of my friends think that I am crazy for having a big King snake, but what is the difference between pets, such as a snake and a cat or dog?

I feed Shakespeare once a week. Just like people may go to McDonalds , Burger King or White Castle for food; I go to Pet Mart, or the Friendly Pet store for his meal of live mice. So it’s the same thing. The mice cost $2.90 USD each, the price of a Big Mac.

Shakespeare protects me from other poisonous serpents such as Cobras, Rattle snakes and several others. A dog couldn’t do thast 🙂

Puppies and inmates

20090416-tows-puppies-behind-bars-290x218Inmates are in Fishkill Correctional Facility,NY. The dogs sleep with the inmates, in the cell in a crate.


A program that helps both prison inmates and returning military vets, Puppies Behind Bars is a not for profit organization that trains prison inmates to raise service dogs. One program within the “Puppies Behind Bars” organization is called “DogTags.” Under the DogTags program, inmates train puppies to become service dogs for soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. During their training the puppies live in prison with their incarcerated trainers. As the puppies mature into well-loved, well-behaved dogs, their raisers learn what it means to contribute to society, rather than take from it.

The program currently places a total of 80 dogs in seven prisons in the three states of the New York region at both men’s and women’s prisons. The puppies, all Labs and Goldens, arrive at the prisons at about eight weeks of age and live with the inmates until they are 20 weeks old. They live in crates in the cells and learn 82 commands before they are ready for their next level of training. Since the dogs don’t know the difference between a prisoner and a model citizen, they help the prisoners as well, responding to kindness, firmness, patience, and consistency.

Veteran Sgt. Allen Hill with his service dog Frankie.

Many of the dogs will eventually be given free of charge to veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who are themselves confined — to wheelchairs or to navigating life with a missing limb or two. The program is trying to make veterans more aware of the dogs’ availability. In addition to training dogs to help returning veterans, the inmates also work to train drug and bomb sniffing dogs, guide dogs, and other dog helpers.

In addition to the article on Puppies Behind Bars, check out Glenn Close’s interview with military veteran, Sgt. Allen Hill. It’s an awesome story and a great cause!