A $5,000 typ4writer Maya Angelou

1438876612404I was at the late Dr. Maya Angelou’s home. I noticed different things for sale. I looked over at the dinning room table, and I noticed typewriter. The typewriter , like everything else was for sale. They wanted to get$5,000 for the old typewriter. Do you think that it is worth it?

I love my dog

IMG_20131020_074035This is my little friend. I named him ‘Brown Dog’.Thinking that if I did not give him a normal name, I would not get attached to him. It is too late. I fail in love. He is a part of things and creations that I adore.

Kanye West shares Nudes Pictures of Kim


Kanye West is a smart hip hop artist. But this time he has slipped. He posted nude photographs of his wife Kim Kardashian. on online. I know Kim looks nice and cozy,but I would never do something crazy like that to someone that I love.

I guess Kanye sees what Jay Z is doing with Beyonce, they had to do something spectacular to get viewership up on their moves.

Kanye says “I’m so lucky!!” and we do agree Yeezus, we do agree. But why treat your wife as if she is a visual whore? But that’s just me; to each his own.

Kayla Mueller, American Hero

Kayla Mueller was 26 years old , from Prescott, Arizona. She was kidnapped by the Islamic radical group ISIS in August of 2013. Kayla was actively involved with seeing that people did not suffer. She worked with the group Doctors Without Borders. Kayla had a spirit that is to be admired. She sacrificed her life in order that other people can enjoy life. She did understand that God did not like to see people suffer,but she did understand that she can do small things to alleviate their pain.

Kayla was an American hero that I will never forget. It has been confirmed that she is dead.