Simone Biles; is smart, concerning mental health!

To appear before an audience, is a stressful human experience. Knowing you are a superstar athlete, with high expectations from millions of people can be mentally nerve wrecking. For Simon Biles the great gymnast, why not become so stressed out that she feels like she needs to relax. To me that is having control ofContinue reading “Simone Biles; is smart, concerning mental health!”

3 Ways to make any relationship work

When 2 people are doing something together, each person wants things done to make them happy. The key to making a relationship successful be it friendship , marriage or any constant interaction with a fellow human being, is to think more of the other person’s needs and wants. These are the 3 ways: Give ofContinue reading “3 Ways to make any relationship work”

5 ways to find joy in life

In life every normal person wants to be happy and find joy while living. These are 5 of the ways that have worked for me : Avoid criminal activity and people who commit crimes. Associate with people that trying to be spiritually mature. Live within your means, whiling loving the work that you do. IfContinue reading “5 ways to find joy in life”

Art Heist ,Wow!

AMSTERDAM (AP) — Thieves broke into a Rotterdam museum on Tuesday and walked off with works from the likes of Picasso, Monet, Gauguin and Matisse potentially worth hundreds of millions. Police haven’t said how they pulled off the early hours heist, but an expert who tracks stolen art said the robbers clearly knew what theyContinue reading “Art Heist ,Wow!” broadcast from Mars Curiosity

Will.I.Am will premiere his new song from Mars! And why not? The song is called “Reach For The Stars”. Will won’t be on Mars but the “Curiosity Rover” that recently landed on Mars will. The rover will transmit the song through it’s radio waves and NASA will sponsor the broadcast set to premiere at 4PMContinue reading “ broadcast from Mars Curiosity”

Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes- Andy Warhol

   I would say that15 minutes, may not be the full time. I do believe, that each of us, will be  momentarily praised for some thoughtful deed. To be completely honest; Everyone will NOT be famous for 15 minutes, from my angle of the world. What do you think about that?    

James Bugler’s Killer, denied parole

Jon Venable age 10 i Venable killed 2 year old James Bugler UK NEWS > Mum’s relief as Bulger killer is denied parole UK NEWS MUM’S RELIEF AS BULGER KILLER IS DENIED PAROLE Story Image Jon Venables aged 10 in a photo taken after his arrest for the murder of James Bulger Tuesday June 28,2011Continue reading “James Bugler’s Killer, denied parole”