Simone Biles; is smart, concerning mental health!

To appear before an audience, is a stressful human experience. Knowing you are a superstar athlete, with high expectations from millions of people can be mentally nerve wrecking. For Simon Biles the great gymnast, why not become so stressed out that she feels like she needs to relax. To me that is having control ofContinue reading “Simone Biles; is smart, concerning mental health!”

Weed is legal now; too high to kill

The state of Illinois has become the 11th state to legalize marijuana. The murder rate in East St. Louis, Illinois is the city with the highest murder rate. Now the criminals are doing to be the “highest” in other areas; pun intended. The law Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed Tuesday may have an impact on theContinue reading “Weed is legal now; too high to kill”

What are your goals for 2020?

Many people I know have goals related to money or losing and getting in shape. I can understand; money is on most of our minds and of course in America, we are more obsess than everyone on the planet. Are your goals to reach different from these? If so what are they? New Year 2020Continue reading “What are your goals for 2020?”

Today is Worth Living

Today is here, so make it worth living. Don’t do anything foolish that you can not undo tomorrow. If you have to pray to God and go apologize for making that foolish mistake. Don’t wait too long, tomorrow is almost here. Today is here, do something productive. Don’t ever think about committing suicide. Your tomorrowContinue reading “Today is Worth Living”

3 Ways to make any relationship work

When 2 people are doing something together, each person wants things done to make them happy. The key to making a relationship successful be it friendship , marriage or any constant interaction with a fellow human being, is to think more of the other person’s needs and wants. These are the 3 ways: Give ofContinue reading “3 Ways to make any relationship work”

5 ways to find joy in life

In life every normal person wants to be happy and find joy while living. These are 5 of the ways that have worked for me : Avoid criminal activity and people who commit crimes. Associate with people that trying to be spiritually mature. Live within your means, whiling loving the work that you do. IfContinue reading “5 ways to find joy in life”

4 ideas to Keep You Safe

Safety is always the most important thing in the world to have. These are just four things to do and you will improve in keeping yourself safe from harm: 1. Don’t talk too much around the wrong people. 2. Keep decent company, while associating with law biding, productive people. 3. Don’t waste your time gossipingContinue reading “4 ideas to Keep You Safe”

Colin Kaepernick NFL Quarterback protest; is he right?

Colin Kaepernick returned to stand up during the national anthem. It’s a custom  before every pre season NFL football game. Kaepernick refused because he wanted to give attention to the many minorities in America that are not receiving fair treatment from the law enforcement community. I think he does have a right, and I’m gladContinue reading “Colin Kaepernick NFL Quarterback protest; is he right?”

Bipolar and eating food

Can eating the wrong foods make me go crazy? If not crazy, I can at least have mood swings if I’m bipolar or suffer depression. That is according to website. These are the some of the ingredients in foods that I have to watch out for: Alcohol Caffeine Sugar Salt Fat I guess itContinue reading “Bipolar and eating food”