Rapper Rick Ross;New gangster house

Big and pretty fat, American rapper Rick Ross, has purchased the biggest house in the state of Georgia. The home is outside of Atlanta Georgia. Not far from the former home of Big Meech, member of the Black Mafia Family (BMF), now serving time in prison.
Rick Ross handed $8.5 millions to Evander Holyfield’s people, so that he can own this 109 room mansion. The mansion is 54,000 square feet , with the 350,000 gallon private pool making Mr. Rosay the owner of the largest private pool in the USA. The pool is bigger than the Betsy Head Pool in Brooklyn New York.

We wish the ‘Boss’, aka Rosay aka Correction Officer William Roberts, aka Rick Ross happiness

and best wishes.

ImageEvander Holyfied is pictured looking sad.

ImageI guess if you can buy a mansion you are the “BOSS”!! I just hope the Gangster Disciples allow you to make enough money to pay that house tab monthly. idk  🙂

Pictures by GETTY IMAGES

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