Will.i.am broadcast from Mars Curiosity

Will.I.Am will premiere his new song from Mars! And why not? The song is called “Reach For The Stars”. Will won’t be on Mars but the “Curiosity Rover” that recently landed on Mars will. The rover will transmit the song through it’s radio waves and NASA will sponsor the broadcast set to premiere at 4PMContinue reading “Will.i.am broadcast from Mars Curiosity”

Weed smokers; thinking decline

The researchers, writing in the US journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that: “Persistent cannabis use over 20 years was associated with neuropsychological decline, and greater decline was evident for more persistent users.” I guess the success of Richard Branson, Willie Nelson ,Barack Obama and many others, will be use to contest theContinue reading “Weed smokers; thinking decline”